3E nv/sa

Established in 1999, 3E is an independent consultancy and software services company. 3E provides guidance as well as solutions to improve renewable energy system performance, to optimize energy consumption and to facilitate grid and market interaction. 3E pursues innovations to provide leading energy intelligence and practical solutions to its customers. 3E is certified ISO 9001:2008 since early 2010. 3E has worked on projects in more than 30 countries and operates with an international team of around 100 experts from its headquarters in Brussels and offices in Toulouse, Beijing, Istanbul and Cape Town.

Main Tasks Attributed in ClusterDesign 

WP5 Toolbox for integrated wind cluster design: Work package leadership and main contribution.

WP6 Model and tool validation: Set up of a measurement database for validation and validation of the toolbox.

WP7 Wind and wind turbine measurements: Wind measurements within the wind farm cluster.

WP10 Valorisation: Transferring the project results into applicable solutions; Work package leadership.

WP11 Project management: Work package leadership and main contribution.

Previous Experience Most Relevant to the ClusterDesign Tasks

IWT Flanders OWI (Offshore Wind Infrastructure): Project coordination, offshore wind energy modeling, offshore LIDAR deployment.

IWOIB Brussels COBRA – Advanced operations management for business of renewable assets. Coordination and development of software based services for wind power monitoring.

FP7 MetaPV – Metamorphosis of Power Distribution: System Services from Photovoltaics. Project coordination, scientific preparation, monitoring and evaluation.

FP7 Marie-Curie IAPP MeteoRES Services – Turning wind energy meteorology into system services for energy market participants: Project coordinator, valorisation on power markets, adaptation of service tools for reliable operation.

Commercial Consultancy and Services: Development of SynaptiQ – A software suite for renewable energy portfolio management, reporting and business intelligence.

Floating LIDAR (3E)

A Floating LIDAR or FLIDAR (Photo: 3E)