Energy research Centre of the Netherlands

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands ECN is the largest and an independent research institute in the Netherlands in the field of non-nuclear energy. The Wind Energy unit of ECN develops knowledge and technology for the offshore wind energy market and holds a leading international position in the field of wind turbine technology, having an intermediary position between universities, wind turbine industry, project developers and government agencies. On the international level the wind energy unit co-operates with universities and other research institutes.

The research program of the wind energy unit consists of activities in the fields of wind turbine design, control and aerodynamics as well as operation and maintenance. A measurement and experiment group, which is ISO 17025 accredited for power performance measurements (IEC 61400-12) and mechanical load measurements (IEC 61400-13), is part of the unit. The wind energy unit is performing measurements on offshore wind farms.

ECN has two test locations, one for turbine and aerodynamics research and the other for experiments on wake aerodynamics. In addition WMC, a subsidiary of ECN, is a blade testing facility for blades up to a length of 60 meter. ECN is full member of MEASNET and participates in IEC working groups. ECN holds patents in the area of wind farm operation.

Main Tasks Attributed in ClusterDesign

WP1 Advanced wake modelling - Further developing models (MFwWF, FarmFlow, qsWFFM) and developing interfaces to other models. Writing of scientific publications.

WP4 Cluster control modelling - Defining and designing farm/cluster control options on basis of ECN control concepts/solutions.

WP6 Validation: WP leadership and validating WP1 model by using common data.

WP9 Guidelines & Recommendations: WP leadership and jointly writing the best practices protocol.

Previous Experience Most Relevant to the ClusterDesign Tasks

EU/FP6 project UpWind: Modelling of wakes in a wind farm (WP1 Wakes), Aero-elastic modeling of a wind turbine (WP3 Loads)

EU/FP7 project Aeolus: Modeling of wake in a wind farm (WP1 Wakes), Development of control solution.

US Patent 7357622: Development of control concept (WP4 Control)

FarmFlow GUI Nysted

The flow in an offshore wind farm as computed by the wind farm design code FarmFlow (Diagram: ECN)