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Since the 1980s, the University of Oldenburg follows a strong tradition in wind energy research. Oldenburg's 60 scientists in the field of wind energy physics and engineering form a major part of the academic research cluster called ForWind – Center for Wind Energy Research of the Universities of Bremen, Hannover and Oldenburg. The headquarters of ForWind is located at the University of Oldenburg. 

In Oldenburg ForWind bundles wind energy research activities within the area of wind physics, including marine physics, fundamental turbulence research, engineering and energy meteorology. ForWind conducts fundamental research in wind energy, but provides also independent scientific cooperation in industry oriented projects and organizes the education, and further education, of future experts. The most important cornerstone in Oldenburg's research is the improvement of offshore wind energy utilization. 

Main Task Attributed in ClusterDesign

WP1 Advanced wake modelling - WP leadership. Further developing models (WRF, PALM, FLaP) and developing interfaces to other models. Writing of scientific publications.

Previous Experience Most Relevant to the ClusterDesign Task

EU/FP7 project OffshoreGrid: Mesoscale modelling of European offshore wind resources.

EU/FP7 project SafeWind: Improving the output of mesoscale models by advanced data assimilation methods.

EU/FP7 Marie-Curie project IAPP MeteoRES Services: Turning wind energy meteorology into system services for energy market participants, and Mesoscale modelling.

EU/FP7 project WAUDIT: Mesoscale and LES modelling of offshore wind resources with focus on near-coastal areas.

BMU project OWEA: Characterization of the marine boundary layer by analysis of meteorological measurements at the German test field Alpha Ventus, further development of mesoscale models for offshore applications, wake modelling with LES and the in-house engineering model FLaP, and parameterization of wind farm effects in mesoscale models.

BMU project Baltic I: Mesoscale simulations of wind conditions over the Baltic Sea, and wake modelling with LES.

BMU project Parallelrechner: Cluster für CFD- und WEA-Modellierung. Launching ForWind‟s new supercomputer with about 1800 cores, further development of wind turbine parameterizations in LES models, and combined application of mesoscale and LES models.

Flow Models (Forwind-Oldenburg)

Integration of the flow models (Diagram: Forwind-Oldenburg)