RWE Innogy GmbH

RWE Innogy pools the renewable energy expertise and the power plants of the RWE Group. The company plans, builds and operates facilities generating power from renewable energies. RWE Innogy aims to vigorously grow renewable energies in Europe. Onshore and offshore wind power projects are a focus of the company's activities. By the year 2011 RWE Innogy operates 150 MegaWatt offshore wind (pro rata) and has another 893 MegaWatt under construction in German and UK waters.

Main Tasks Attributed in ClusterDesign

WP2 Electrical cluster design models - To support and validate the assumptions.

WP4 Control concepts modelling - To design and implement a Wind Cluster Control System; work package leadership and main contribution.

WP8 Cluster-control testing - To prepare and execute the tests in a full-size
offshore wind farm; work package leadership and main contribution.

Previous Experience Most Relevant to the ClusterDesign Tasks

RWE Innogy has several offshore wind farms in operation or under construction. 
Two offshore wind farms are in operation in the UK: 
  • North Hoyle since 2003, located 8 kilometer off the North Wales coast, 30x2 MegaWatt, 
  • Rhyl Flats since 2009, located 8 kilometer off the North Wales coast, 25x3.6 MegaWatt. 
Three wind farms are under construction: 
  • Gwynt y Môr with 160x3.6 MegaWatt, located off the coast of North Wales, first generation in the year 2013, full generation in 2014; 
  • Greater Gabbard with 140x3.6 Megawatt, located off the Suffolk Coast, first production scheduled for early 2011, fully operational in late 2011; 
  • Nordsee Ost with 48x6 Megawatt, located to the north-east of the island of Helgoland, first generation in 2012, full generation in 2013. 
In addition to that RWE Innogy has a 27% stake in the Belgian offshore wind project Thornton Bank – up to 30 kilometer offshore, 30 MegaWatt already operational, additional capacity of 300 MegaWatt planned.

In January 2010 RWE Innogy was announced as Development Partner to take forward about 4000 MegaWatt of offshore wind energy projects in the United Kingdom. RWE Innogy has signed Zone Development Agreements which confirm the company as a Development Partner and enables the exclusive development of: 
  • The Bristol Channel Zone (Atlantic Array project with 1500 Megawatt), located off the coast of South Wales and North Devon; 
  • The Dogger Bank Zone (target capacity of 9000 Megawatt, with a potential for approximately 13000 Megawatt), located off the Yorkshire coast. RWE Innogy will develop the Dogger Bank Zone through a consortium called Forewind, which comprises RWE Innogy, the UK energy utility Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and the Norwegian energy companies Statoil and Statkraft.


The position of the offshore wind farm Nordsee Ost, and an example of an offshore meteo mast in this case near the location Tromp Binnen (Map and Photo: RWE)